BrightSign : dedicated player setup

Steps to run receiver application on the Brightsign player:

  1. Clone or download the bd-sssp project from the repository to your local machine (

  2. Find the necessary files (assets folder, autorun.brs, bundle.js, bundle.js.LICENSE.txt,, index.html, main.css, nodeFunctions.js) within the public folder of the cloned project.

  3. Format an SD card using the exFAT file system format.

  4. Copy the following files and folders from your local machine to the root directory of the SD card: • The entire assets folder (including all contents). • autorun.brs • bundle.js • bundle.js.LICENSE.txt • • index.html • main.css • nodeFunctions.js

  5. Insert the SD card containing the application files into the SD card slot of the BrightSign player.

  6. Press the reset button on the BrightSign player to restart it.

  7. Upon restart, the BrightSign player should detect and execute the autorun.brs script automatically (assuming it's set up for autorun). This script likely initializes the application (bundle.js), which in turn renders the application using index.html and associated assets (assets, main.css, etc.).

  8. Check the connected display or monitor to verify that the bd-sssp application is running as expected on the BrightSign player

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