Samsung Tizen Setup

Setting Blackdove in your Samsung SSSP (Tizen 5) is something you can achieve in five minutes or less. Please follow the steps listed below to go through the setup process.


  1. Go through the setup of the display which includs: Network: Make sure Wifi or Ethernet is setup Date and Time: must be accurate App Installation: see below

  2. When prompted for a URL enter: Older screens may require replacing the /tizen with /6 or /5.

  3. If the URL launcher shows a progress gauge going up to 100 and then says ‘Unable to start the application’ the version number in the URL is probably mismatched with the screen. Values 4, 5, and 6 are all valid for those versions of SSSP.

  4. Use the Blackdove Mobile app to Pair the display to your account: Blackdove App select > Menu > My Devices > Add Device > 'Name Screen' take image of QR Code.

  5. Restart the screen

  6. Select a work of art and hit Play

If the app is not loading follow these steps:

  1. Select the Home button and then select URL Launcher Settings and then Uninstall the Application.

  2. Enter the factory menu by first powering off the display and then press `Mute + 1 + 8 + 2 + Power ON` (make sure to be close to the display) sequentially.

  3. Once inside the factory menu, go to Control -> LFD Option -> Security Server

  4. If the Security Server option is ON, turn it OFF

  5. Reboot the LFD

  6. Select the Home button and then select URL Launcher Settings and then Reinstall the app using in the URL launcher.

  7. Select the home button and launch the URL Launcher with Blackdove icon.

New (beta) version (4.x.x) version of the app:

  1. A new (beta) version of the app for Tizen-based SSSP i.e (4, 5, and 6) is now available at

  2. This version doesn’t have any on-screen navigation and hence remote controller won’t work with this app. However, artwork could be streamed using Blackdove mobile app.

  3. This version employs offline caching of the artworks and may fill up the internal storage of the SSSP after some time. The cache could be cleared by selecting Device Menu → System → Empty Storage.

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