🖥️Sign up as a Gallery

• Go to app.blackdove.com.

• Click the upper right profile icon.

• Clock on the 'Dont have an account? Sign up here'.

• Add in your email, password, and you can set the name as yours, or the Gallery. You can change your Display name in your profile later on also.

• No need to check the 'Artist' box.

• Click 'Create Account'.

• Fill out info on next pages such as image (1000x1000 pixels) and bio.

• You do not need to fill out your Stripe or Wallet info at this time either, click Skip.

• All set. Anytime you want to change info on your profile click the Profile Image on the upper right > Acount.


Please reach out to Marc Billings at Marc@blackdove.com to approve your Gallery account and grant your streaming access.

If you have a Subscription purchased under the 'Pricing' section of the left menu, then you are ready to play automatically.

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