🖼️Creating Collections (Do this before working on Displays)

Once a piece of art is in a collection, you are able to play it.


• Create a collection by going to the bottom left of your account at app.blackdove.com.

  • Click 'New Collection'.

  • Name the Collection. It is best to name the collection the same name you are naming your displays. Example: If you have 3 displays on the left wall that are all portrait, I would name the Collections and Displays: Left Wall (P1), Left Wall (P2), and Left Wall (P3). For Landscape we would suggest naming like Left Wall (L1) and for Squares (S1) and so on.

  • This naming makes it wasy for everyone on the team to add the right orientation works to the Collections and play the right Collections on the right displays easily.

  • To add artwork to the Collection either:

1) Drag and drop the artwork you uploaded in your Uploads section to the desired Collection.

2) Click the link shared by the artist to their artwork > on the artwork page click the (•••) under the work on thr right > Add to Collection > choose the collection you would liek to add it to and you are good to go.

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