🔼Upload artwork that artists send you as a Gallery

This step is for Galleries who have artists send them files of their artwork for you, the Gallery, to upload and show.

• Once loged in, to to the left menu area and click Uploads.

• Drag and drop or click and select where you want to upload the artwrok from on your computer or hard drive.

• On the right side you will see an area to change the name of the work. Name it 'Artwork Title - Name of Artist' or 'Name of Artist - Artwork Title'. Just make sure it is consistent for best viewing results.

  • Once the green bar is full on the right, click Complete.

  • The artwork will show as grey bars as it transcodes and uploads over a few minutes depending on the size of the work.

  • While the above is going on, or after full upload, click the 3-dots (• • • ) on the right of the artwork piece. Click 'Edit'.

  • Here you can also change the name of the artwork to the above mentioned naming conventions.

  • You will also keep the work on 'Unlisted' so it shows only for you and anyone you share the link with and not in our main feed.

  • In the 'QR Code' section, add in the link to where you want people to go if CHOOSE you have a visible QR code on the screen during the show. You have the ability in your Display area, for each digital canvas/screen, to show or not show QR codes. As an example, if you want it to go to a product page on your website or on another website, just copy the product page for that work and paste it into this 'QR Code' section.

  • Click 'Update Artwork'.

The next section will share how to instruct Artists to create an account on Blackdove, upload their own artwork, and share a hidden link with you in order for you to add to a Collection and stream. The next section gives Artists more autonomy over their artwork and makes them feel like their artwork is safer.

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