Television vs Canvas

Blackdove’s technology works across all displays however there are differences to understand for your installation.

Key terms:

  • SmartTV : traditional television with Apps available

  • Connected Device: AppleTV, FireTV, Nvidia Shield

  • Art Server : Media player purchase directly from Blackdove

  • Digital Canvas : Commercial display from LG, Samsung, Planar for art only installations

Consumer Televisions

  • Positives;

    • Lots of options

    • Low initial cost

  • Negatives;

    • Will use bandwidth ALL the time

    • Suffers from some buffering

    • Not good for low bandwidth locations

    • Cannot be turned in portrait

    • Designed for 2-3 hours per day of use

Digital Canvas; The digital canvas is a commercial-grade display from a major manufacturer.

  • Postives;

    • Local Hard Dive

    • 24/7/365 for 5-7 years

    • Can be installed in Portrait

  • Negatives;

    • Typically 20% higher in cost than consumer televisions

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