Uploading and Building Collections

All clients of Blackdove upload art the same way. Approved artists are granted the opportunity to monetize the artwork where non-artists can only upload and share.

  1. Login to Blackdove.com

  2. In Main Navigation (burger menu in the top left), navigate to Uploads

  3. Upload artwork with drag and drop or select the upload section and multiselect from your local drive. (Google Drive/ Dropbox are both Beta currently)

  4. Content specifications;

    1. MP4, JPEG, PNG, GIF supported

    2. Upload in native orientation (no rotation required)

  5. After upload, Blackdove will transcode the artwork (2-5 minutes per work)

  6. After artworks are transcoded, you can drag/drop or 'Add to Collection' to create Collections (Playlists) that can be played to one or many displays.

  7. Each display will have multiple settings including;

    1. Rotate Artwork: Play only a single artwork or play the entire Collection

    2. If Rotate: time setting to specify how long each artwork will play for before moving to the next artwork

    3. High Quality: HD/UHD: Note that some Samsung displays have CPU issues that require portrait orientation artwork to play only in HD.

  8. Shortcut: If uploading bulk artworks to a particular collection;

    1. Create a new collection

    2. Use the (...) menu to upload directly into that collection

    3. The artworks will show in the Uploads section also automatically, and when transcoding is complete they will show up in the Collection uploaded to.

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