Android APK

How to install Android APK

To install an APK on an Android device, there is a utility provided with the android sdk called 'adb.exe' Download it here: It is part of Android Studio. It allows you to connect to an Android device and install APK files. To use it, connect the device with a USB cable. The ability to receive connections via ADB is not enabled by default on most Android devices and has to be enabled in the 'developer options'. 'developer options' is a menu that is hidden by default, but can be made visible by going to: settings -> about phone -> software information and click on the 'build number' 5 times. You should see a confirmation message saying 'developer mode enabled'. You can then go to settings -> developer options and turn on 'USB debugging' You can verify that ADB can connect to the device with >adb devices The first time you use ADB with a device, it will ask for permission on the screen. Once you approve, the PC will be able to use ADB to install the APK >adb install someapp.apk (substitute the APK filename you are trying to install) Once installed, the app should appear on the device.

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