AppleTV Kiosk Mode

Let your Blackdove app be launched automatically when the Apple TV is on

Step 0 — Requirements

  1. USB-C cable (Apple TV 4G only) / Ethernet cable (Apple TV 4G and Apple TV 5G (4K))

  2. Apple Configurator 2 installed on your Mac

Step 0.5 — Pairing your Device via Ethernet — only for users of Ethernet pairing

  1. Your Mac and Apple TV are connected to the same network

  2. Apple TV is connected to the network using Ethernet

  3. The device should be on and displaying “Pair Your Remote” screen. To do so start with an Apple TV that hasn’t been set up, or erases it first. To erase go to Settings > System > Reset.

  4. On your Mac, launch Apple Configurator

  5. In your menu bar, open Apple Configurator 2 > Paired Devices…

  6. Select your Apple TV in the Paired Devices list, then click Pair

  7. On your Mac, enter the 6 digit pin that appears on the screen of your Apple TV

  8. Close Paired Devices window

Step 1 — Enable supervised mode on your Apple TV

Warning! This will erase your device!

  1. Launch Apple Configurator

2. Connect your device to your Mac via USB-C cable (skip if using Ethernet pairing)

3. Select your device

4. Click ‘Prepare’ button

5. Click ‘Next’ button

6. Click ‘Next’ button, again:

7. If you have already created your organization, select it here, if not, go ahead and select “New Organization”:

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