Setting Up LG Remote Support

First Time Setup

  1. Connect the display to a network either through Ethernet (preferred) or Wifi and confirm the display is online

  2. Navigate to General and set the time to 'Set Automatic' and select the correct time zone (key)

  3. Select the Gear Icon on the remote control

  4. Select EZ Settings

  5. Navigate to the middle row and then down until you find LG Connected Care

  6. Select LG Connected Care

  7. Select Install if the button is present

  8. Enter '390645' as the code.

  9. Wait until the display shows 'Connected' then reboot the display.

  10. Navigate to General and System Information

  11. Take a photo of the Serial Number and email it to '' with your Blackdove email address used for login.

Existing Installation

  1. Free up storage by clearing the art cache.

  2. While Blackdove is running, Press the up-arrow, account

  3. On the top of the screen menu, select the Settings menu option.

  4. Press the OK button (middle of arrows) to select 'account'

  5. From the account screen press the right arrow once, to move to focus to the 'clear cache' Press OK button.

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