LG : Set display ID

Using multiple displays in a small room can create remote control issues. To solve this, each display can be set with an ID.

  1. Go to General: Display settings

  2. Select Display ID and set to a unique number that corresponds to the labeling in the Blackove app to identify that display.

  3. Exit the main menu and go to using the screen normal.

  4. To activate the remote control for that display select the red button in the bottom left corner of the remote control.

  5. When the small number at the bottom of the display appears on screen, use the left and right arrows to increase or decrease the number to match the large number on the display.

  6. When the numbers are the same, hit the OK button on the remote.

  7. You are now controlling only that display.

  8. If all displays are setup with the Display ID activated, then managing multiple displays will be much better controlled.

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